Norwegian seascape depicting the coastal community of Lovund in the Vega Archipelago.        Photo: Mimi E. Lam

The sea represents different values to different people. Our project “Managing Ethical Norwegian Seascape Activities (MENSA),” funded by the Research Council of Norway, is capturing what the sea means to Norwegians. We aim to integrate the diverse sea-based values and identities of Norwegian citizens and stakeholders into future sustainable and ethical management of Norway´s oceans.

Be part of the national conversation! Express your sea-related values and identity using a photo with caption and short accompanying text (e.g., poem or prose) that captures what the sea means to you. Write text for a photo that you have taken or take a photo to illustrate a piece of your writing. Feel free to collaborate with the photo and prose. Share your sea inspirations with us and your fellow Norwegians!

Judges will select the most evocative and compelling submissions of diverse Norwegian seascapes and their values. The top 3 winning entrants will receive Hurtigurten gift cards: (1) 10,000 kr; (2) 5000 kr; and (3) 2000 kr. The top 10 entries will be enlarged and framed for public exhibitions in Vega on 1 – 2 Sept. 2024 and at the UiB Museum 28 – 29 Sept. 2024. The top 100 will be featured in a coffee table book and winning entrants will receive a copy of the book.

Norwegian Seascapes Contest

What does the sea mean to you? 

Convey with an original photo and text what the sea means to you. Write your text to accompany your depicted Norwegian seascape. Describe the feelings and values that your seascape evokes in you.

Submission Requirements:

Photo: jpg format, 300 dpi resolution (higher resolution may be requested)

Caption: 10 words maximum (in bokmål or Nynorsk and English)

Prose: 100 words maximum (in bokmål, Nynorsk, or English) in any format, e.g., prose or poetry

With your entry, you retain your copyright, but the MENSA project may use your submission for research and dissemination purposes.

Maximum 3 entries.

Please answer the additional question:

Name the 3 most important values that you connect with the sea.


Must be a Norwegian citizen or permanent resident. Open to all ages. Depending on submissions, separate categories may be created for professional photographers and writers, youth, etc.

To enter the contest, use this participant link.

Taking part in this contest entails participation in the MENSA research project, funded by the Research Council of Norway (#303663). Thus we need your consent. If you want to participate in the contest, please read the participant information form and indicate your consent by clicking in this box.

If you have any questions, please contact the MENSA project leader Dr Mimi E. Lam (, +47 484 04 622).

Happy World Ocean´s Day! Deadline Extended to 31 July 2024.